Fit for purpose?

Woman after spending so many years discovering her purpose to get fit

Having spent many years meeting with some hugely impressive (and ‘successful’) people around the world – one thing becomes apparent from the corporate sphere that aligns with sports: How they manage their time and energy. I have delved into this from a sporting perspective – but also from the ‘business’ stance – and the derived model is very intriguing combining new generation activities and philosophies with proven theories.

This makes up a huge part of the work I am now championing as a Performance Consultant – and from the aforementioned ability to differentiate those that are impressive there comes one question: are you fit for purpose? Managing time is one thing but managing energy is a completely different ball game. To be simply present somewhere is wholly different to being engaged with it and to be performing.

As a sportsman, it’s your job to be fit. An all encompassing lifestyle adopted that incorporates nutrition, physical health, wellbeing and drive – yet now that it is no longer my job to be these things, or to have a weekly goal/game to work toward, it still remains a huge focus. The environment has been taken away but when out on the streets running, in the café ordering food, or in the office working I still seek to be incredibly aware of my performance. To do what I have to do, to balance all of that comes with being a speaker and consultant (or any occupation!), a husband, a father and a son, and to be as good as I can be at it – I need to be fit for purpose…are you?