Workathlete Coaching and Data Policy

Our Privacy Policy is available to view, as is our Cookie Policy but this document is about our Coaching and Privacy Policy.

Well-being is a vast and often complicated subject, and we do not want to create an environment whereby our coaches or coachees are in a difficult position. 

Our Coaching Policy is something we have honed with many years of experience in having compelling and contrasting conversations with clients from a whole range of backgrounds and industries. 

This policy intends to create clear guidelines on what Workathlete is and what it is not, to ensure we are protecting, to the best of our ability, the individuals who use Workathlete, businesses who engage Workathlete, Workathlete Coaches, and Workathlete itself.

This document provides guidance and clarity to the boundaries of Workathlete coaching. If you are concerned about your safety or the safety of someone else, please refer immediately to the Key Contacts which contains guidance and recommendations for how to proceed about scenarios that fall outside of the bounds of Workathlete coaching.

Workathlete and Data

Workathlete coaching exists to create a safe space for individuals to talk openly about their health, wellbeing and performance. Mental health, like physical health, spans the entire range of human experiences. A large portion of this falls within a spectrum where coaching can be valuable – that includes everything from helping people to thrive to providing a space for people to talk about whatever is going on in their lives to thinking through specific challenges.

Workathlete uses data as a conduit for accountability, awareness and attaining a better balance in life. This data is completely confidential to you and your coach – and any recommendations from the programme will remain confidential. 

There is a portion of the mental health spectrum that falls outside of the scope for which coaching is helpful – or appropriate. This includes diagnosing or managing mental illness, severe mental health issues or conditions, trauma, deeply entrenched patterns seriously impacting a person’s ability to live their life well, or instances where an individual is taking or considering taking actions that are or could be harmful to themselves or others.

Workathlete coaches are not qualified to work with individuals on these types of issues and to do so in the Workathlete coaching programme would be unsafe for the individual, coach, business and Workathlete.

If, as athletes, for example, you were concussed, it wouldn’t be the job of the coach to advise, it would be through a Doctor and industry experts – and this is the same in any working environment – including this one.

The only examples in which this is not the case are instances where the mental health issue is so pervasive for a person that it takes over their ability to be coached on another topic (e.g. are in severe distress, or severely depressed). In this case, Workathlete coaching would be unsafe for the individual, coach, business and Workathlete. 

Occasionally, individuals will come to a Workathlete coaching session seeking support for a challenge that is beyond the scope of coaching. In these instances, Workathlete coaches will explain what can and cannot be worked on effectively with coaching, will provide the individual with information on other avenues for support that might be more appropriate, and will provide a space for the individual to reflect on how they would like to proceed. Seeking further support will be entirely the decision and responsibility of the individual.

If you have any questions about our above policy, please e-mail our direct coaching questions account;