Don’t drink your calories

Don’t Drink Your Calories

One of the best ways to reduce your calorie intake is to look at what you’re drinking…rather than what you’re eating.

Aside from the fact sugared drinks are now set to get more expensive, any amount of concentrate, fruit juice or added milk/cream will end up adding to your calorie intake. Take a look at the coffee board next time you’re in the cafe and have a look at the variation of calories from an Americano through to a cappuccino – and dare I say it, a cream infused Frappuccino!

An average sized latte will be clocking 240+ whereas an Americano is a solid 7-10 calories. For the serial tea drinkers out there, throw in the fact if you’re having tea with milk and maybe even a sugar, that will be up to 40 calories per mug – which for some will be one of 4/5 or even 6 a day!

The reasons for people I work with not wanting to change are very much the same: “I like the feeling of a hot drink”; “but I enjoy coffee”; and even “I can’t function without a cup of tea.”

So what is the response?

I am not suggesting you banish all of the drinks aside from water, far from it, but if you are seeking to be calorie deficient (at a suggested 500 calories per day) for a goal of weight loss, then a reduction in these drinks is a sure fire, and very easy way of doing so. Hot drink replacements such as fruit teas (mint and liquorice are my favourite!) or green teas are a great way in changing up the caffeine dependency and keeping the rituals in place (and are equally if not more refreshing), without the calories. The fact you will be raising your awareness of how many drinks other than water you’re having will only be a good thing, so why not keep a diary of it for a day or two and note the differences.

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