How to Stay Energised at Work

Worker drinking energy booster drink to maintain and sustain his energy to become more effective and productive at work

Are you struggling to focus or maintain your focus throughout your workday? Do you tend to get irritated and distracted easily or don’t perform well? If your answer is yes, this means that you lack the energy you need for work. Fortunately, the tips below can help you get the energy you need to stay productive at work:

Ensure you Get Quality Sleep at Night

A lack of sleep can seriously impact your ability to focus and memory that will, in turn, affect your work performance. In order to maintain the concentration level, you need to do your job effectively every day, ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Although you might have heard about getting eight hours of sleep, the specific amount of sleep needed tends to vary by persons. Generally, if you lack the energy during the day, think about adding an hour of sleep and observe how this improves your performance.

Include Protein your First Meal of the Day

Eating a breakfast which includes protein will satisfy your hunger and ensure you get the energy you need until lunch. Protein has amino acids that keep your brain awake and alert. In case you are not used to eating breakfast, consider consuming a glass of milk, latte, or some yogurt before you go to work.

Have a Clutter-Free Workspace

Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and even bring your down further if you are tired or stressed. Before you start your task, focus on de-cluttering and organizing your space by cleaning the desk, ensuring no unnecessary items in your cubicle, and organizing your emails. This helps you take control of your environment and feel motivated to start your day right.

Eat a Lunch Break

A lunch break should be something you enjoy outside of your workspace instead of at your desk. If you want your brain to focus for eight hours regularly, burnout and fatigue can set in. As much as possible, take a real lunch by enjoying the break somewhere else like at your favorite cafe, in a park, or at a restaurant.

Move Around

In order to elevate your mood, take time to move around rather than stay at your desk most of your eight hours at work. Doing expansive movements such as waving your hands and smiling can reduce the level of stress hormone called cortisol and boost your brain’s good hormones. Although you might need to do this movement in a quiet place, even two seconds of this can make a difference.

Change Posture

Keep in mind that slouching can make you feel depressed and reduce your energy levels. This makes it important to maintain a good posture by adjusting your chair. Even if your desk lets you sit properly, it can be helpful to stand at your desk sometimes, sit on an exercise ball, or just change your posture. Changing posture can keep your brain awake, which can help improve your mood and energy levels.