Commit to the Commute – nutrition on the road!

Person handing the right food to eat to get the right and enough nutrition our body needs to become more productive

Who doesn’t struggle to keep strict when they are travelling? Moreover, who has a plan to overcome this situation?

So many areas of temptation and the age-old adage that “it doesn’t count in an airport/service station/hotel mini bar (delete as appropriate).” It does. So how can the shining sweets, captivating carbs, and till-side treats be avoided when you’re on the road?!

The first trick is to not be swayed to impulse. Take solace and pride (and tap into the inner competitor) by the fact you are directly competing against the marketeers that believe they can puppet you into boosting their coffers. You may be looking at the treats thinking you need them, but simply ask yourself a question of “do I REALLY need this” – it may be the rush of the instant sugar hit is perceived to be worth it momentarily, but the ensuing guilt, dodged eating plan, and sudden craving for more doesn’t actually tip the balance. The smile taken in knowing you didn’t cave should also be celebrated – and that will give you a significant boost, without the calories!