6 Ways To Break It Up at Work

Group of colleagues discussing effective ways how to make the most of their breaks during workday

Six Effective Ways to Make the Most Out of your Breaks During your Workday

In this productivity-focused culture, justifying your need for a good break during workdays is not easy. Even executives of big companies don’t have time to bond with their family. However, this is not a sustainable working style. No has 100 percent capacity and time to physically work. Everyone needs a break, and government websites declare “workers over 18 are usually entitled to 3 types of break – rest breaks at work, daily rest and weekly rest.” However, this should be done properly.

Below are some ways to help you maximize your breaks at work:

Recharge your Focus through Distractions

When you take regular breaks during your workday it can be challenging to switch off. However, studies reveal that an intense focus on your work can make you less focused in the long term. It is more effective to create distractions which take your attention away from your task at hand rather than thinking about the issue continuously. Taking a break lets you come back at your task with a fresh mind. This can be achieved by overloading your cognitive abilities by doing several tasks during your breaks.

Escape your Workspace for a Few Minutes

To get your work done, you may have to stay in your office and take in the artificial light and the crowd all day. However, escaping from this space for a few minutes can provide you with significant benefits. Taking time to take in the beauty of nature can help in alleviating mental fatigue through mental relaxation and restoration. Also, this increases your exposure to sunlight and fresh air which helps in increasing your productivity and improving your sleep.

Fuel your Mind Properly

Your body will tell you when you need a break. You just cannot ignore your stomach grumbling louder than what your mind says. But, it is important to pick the right foods and drinks to restore your mental energy. For optimal brain performance, choose a snack on your break which includes a higher protein level like a serving of beef, nuts, or chicken.

Perform Eye Exercises

The human eyes can start to feel strained in just two hours. This is the reason you have to take a break during the day. To minimize eye fatigue, consider dimming your lights, decreasing screen glare, and making your workstation friendlier to your eyes. Proper ergonomics will help in minimizing fatigue in the body, especially the eyes.

Go for a Walk

Exercise is an effective way to minimize fatigue, increase your energy levels, and boost your productivity throughout the day. According to some studies, exercising for even ten minutes can already make a difference in your memory and performance. You don’t really have to hit the gym to exercise. Just doing a simple walking can already refresh memories and increase your creativity.

Let your Mind Daydream

Letting your mind wander by daydreaming can benefit your body just like how meditation does. Once you stop paying attention to things, the default mode network of the bran will take over, giving your overworked prefrontal cortex the rest it deserves. This part of the brain is responsible for complex processes such as problem-solving, reason, memory, and logic.