It's sedentary, my dear Watson.

Unlike Sherlock Holmes, there's absolutely no mystery about this! The routines many people live by are creating some serious issues for our health, performance and well being.


On average, and being generous, people are now sedentary for up to 20 hours a day...! How's that you ask?


Taking a usual day for many, when waking up from sleep (sedentary!), they will sit for breakfast (if they "have time"), drive to work (sitting), be in meetings or doing desk work (sitting); go for lunch (sitting); head back to the office (sitting); drive home (sitting) then celebrate a hard day's work by, guess what, sitting watching television before succumbing to another 6-8 hours lying down.


The net result of this is a phenomenal 100 hours in a working week simply not being active. I realise these figures are somewhat generalised, but the reality is even an hour or two of exercise will not compensate for the sheer amount of inactivity people are amassing throughout their days. This isn't even looking into the way in which people sit in terms of posture, their nutrition and hydration whilst at their place of work and the mental demands on employees that can severely impact on physical and mental health.


Now for the big question: So what?


So, realising that this type of inactivity isn't sustainable to happy, healthy, engaged and performing employees and people - things must change. I am not saying you should turn into Mr.Motivator at work and forever be bounding around the room doing star jumps in your finest Lycra suit, but improving activity levels is so much more than a 2 hour chunk of blasting yourself at the gym. It is though a series of habitual changes that accrue to significantly improving your way of life.


Without going into the psychology of change - there is a degree of pre-contemplative and contemplative thought around individuals not only thinking about doing things differently, but understanding their initial concerns around WHY things need to change. As ever, self awareness is the crux of this issue. Only in identifying your current working behaviours will you ascertain your current regime, but also clarify what goals you may well have around both your working and non-working life.


This is where workathlete comes in. Online, face-to-face and blended Personal Coaching Programmes (PCP) will help create preventative measures to improve health, happiness and performance by looking at individuals' performance barriers, working behaviours and agreeing achievable and realistic goals.


If you or your team are good and want to be great, or realise that things perhaps need to change, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

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Posted on July 18, 2016 .