The habit of nutrition...

Think about what you eat in a given day, or week, or month...or even your last meal.

How often do you go around the shops and order the same things from the same supermarkets? The same lunch from the same deli or restaurant? The same options, the same decisions = the same results.

I have got no concerns about the repetitive nature of humans. We like routines, we NEED routines - but I do have a deeper question about the habits of how we eat and drink. In short, we can categorise how/why/what we eat what we eat into 5 factors:

  1. Habit – recipe, type, quantity, flavouring (salt before tasting?!)  

  2. Social – upbringing, environment, friend’s behavhiour     

  3. Psychological – wellbeing, mood emotional status   

  4. Senses – smell, look, taste,

  5. Physiological – need to stay alive, hormonal; stress, sleep, pregnancy  

Like with most things, it is all about self-awaneess, understanding why it is you are doing it. It is incredible how this thought will make you analyse your choices when you eat after this - food should never be demonised, but the choices you make can and should be understood - there's usually a reason for it. 

This even goes all the way back to childhood (Anyone with children can analyse this in their own behaviour after reading this...), what was said to you during or before you had eaten? Here's a few suggestions that may resonate:

"IF you eat all of your dinner you can have a pudding"

"you are not getting anything else until you finish your plate"

"look at your brother/sister, they have eaten ALL of theirs"

On top of these unconscious actions, newer habits and behaviours will be set from repetitive behaviours over time...but I can hear you...SO WHAT?

That all depends on what your goal is. If you are wanting a healthier, balanced, less calorific diet (or want to get leaner) then it comes down to breaking down the habits and behaviours and trying to set new systems that can benefit your lifestyle and help you realise your goals. 

One thing is for sure, you're one step closer now. 

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Posted on June 27, 2016 .