Go hard and stay home?

No Gym? No Problem!!!

So many times I hear clients and participants cite no motivation to drive 20/30 minutes to get to the gym. It may be raining outside, or simply too nice to be in the car - or perhaps the car is parked 100's of meters away. "I can't find my trainers,"  "I'll go tomorrow" or "I've just done my dinner/breakfast" - I've heard them all. I've even said most of them myself. I want to stress this point to you; you don't need an all singing and dancing gym membership, you have all the equipment you need at home! Those lucky enough to have a garden, even better, but if not, all you need are the basics: a stopwatch, a bit of music, and a willing to break a barrier and try something new - irrelevant of what it may look like! This whole blog applies for hotels without gyms too, no excuses! (I say this after just doing one in my hotel room!)

...When you get to the gym it's usually fine, but the initial hurdle can be reason enough to not get through the door...so why even leave the house?!! Save yourself the time not commuting and blast out a quick 20 minutes high intensity training (HIT, 30 seconds on/30s rest) to be done and dusted before you'd even have put your socks on at the gym. Below are some simple sweat sessions for the comfort of your own home. These have revolutionised my time management and whilst I still love going to the gym, there is so much to be said from a session at home - especially alongside a friend or partner...or, perhaps, your child!!

Body squat jumps 30s on 30s off X 5

Lunges 30s on 30s off X 5.

Press ups 30s on 30s off X 5

Body shoulder press 30s on 30s off X 5 (knees slightly bent, hands shoulder width apart, bum in the air and bend arms to get your head just off the floor, and push back up - it's hard [if too hard do it on your knees]!!) 

Get creative after trying this session. Throw in exercises such as 30s running on the spot, skipping, or if you're brave - burpees! Any professional sportsperson will happily tell you a way of turning a session from hard to hurting is to throw in any amount of down and ups!!

I'll be posting a few more easy to do sessions at home, and just to put it in context - these are hard! Full body workouts in a format that will test your aerobically as well as hitting your resistance training requirements.

Shock yourself, and just get it done - 20 minutes will fly by!!!

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Posted on July 9, 2016 .