GameChanger: When are you at your best?

The pitch, the deadline, the presentation, inspection or the growth plan…

How did you last perform in a crucial moment?

…every significant moment or phase that matters has to be prepared for, including your performance.

The moments that matter in a day, week or month can be heightened by understanding how to manage your performance and manage your energy. The WorkAthlete leadership programme educates, inspires and supports individual development to overcome performance barriers and flourish in a demanding working environment.

Preparation, dedication and commitment are fundamental aspects of performance. High intensity and demanding roles cannot be sustained without impact on performance, health (mental and physical) and engagement.

Everyone has to understand how to focus his or her attention on the moments that matter, and to best prepare for them.

 In sport and the military, for example, as much as 95% of time is spent preparing for that one performance, event or moment. Aspects such as nutrition, decision-making, stress management, resilience, positive psychology and energy demands are all incorporated in the WorkAthlete programme to ensure you are able to be at your best at the points of difference. 

How much time do you spend understanding how you best perform, rather than reacting when you feel strain, stress or illness?

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Posted on February 26, 2016 .