Hi, I'm Rob Vickerman.

• Shocked office worker.
• Ex-England rugby captain.
• Leading a team of top class performance experts.


About the idea.

Having coincided a playing career in top level sport and working in a corporate setting, it was clear that I was a shocked office worker.

By seeing the ways of work through the eyes of a high performance athlete and student of leadership, management and positive psychology it was apparent that nowhere near enough thought was given to the working behaviours of many employees. Often practices, routines and rituals were not conducive to health and happiness, and as a result people were unhappy, uninspired and at times, unwell. 

The challenge.

From all aspects of work and life; including communication, nutrition, activity and performance planning, it was clear that there was a lot the working world could learn from the sporting sphere, but the crucial aspect would be to deliver modules in a way which workers would welcome, engage with and apply to their lives.

An ensuing and captivating 24 months of observing leading organsiations and executives around the World and through observations through a privileged position accessing Olympic preparation of sports teams, lead to the creation of the modules.

The modules and models were created to inspire, educate and aid workers in a range of performance areas.