Hi, I’m Rob Vickerman.

• Shocked office worker.
• Ex-England rugby captain.
• Leading a team of top class performance experts.

About the idea.

Having coincided a playing career in top level sport and working in a corporate setting, it was clear that Rob was a shocked office worker.

An ensuing and captivating 24 months of observing leading organsiations and executives around the World and through observations through a privileged position accessing Olympic preparation of sports teams, lead to the creation of the modules.

By seeing the ways of work through the eyes of a high performance athlete and student of leadership, management and positive psychology it was apparent that nowhere near enough thought was given to the working behaviours of many employees. Often practices, routines and rituals were not conducive to health and happiness, and as a result people were unhappy, uninspired and at times, unwell.

• Nutritional Advisor
• BSc in Physiotherapy
• MSc Psychology
• Specialist Neurological
• Physiotherapy
• Numerous Coaching

Rachael Mackenzie – Lead Coach / Co-Director


Rachael Mackenzie personifies brains and brawn in a career that
has spanned being a chartered physiotherapist (on the front line
during Covid-19), an International Sports Champion, a Mindfulness
Coach and accruing more qualifications than she has World Title
Belts. Which is saying something!

From a sporting angle, Rachael is a World Thai-Boxing champion.
Having only started Thai-Boxing in 2000, her hard work and
determination paid off when, in 2006, she topped the Women’s
Thai-boxing world rankings in 2 weight categories (50kg and
52kg). Rachael has also taken 2 British titles – both by knockout –
and a European title. So don’t argue!She later became the first
European Woman to compete in traditional bare-knuckle ThaiBoxing in Thailand and the first woman to fight under Full MuayThai Rules in the UK. Throughout her Thai-boxing career she has
had to overcome prejudice from people who do not believe women
should compete in contact sports, leading to some inspirational and
powerful talks on resilience, belief and determination.

An injury aged 35 forced a change of sport to Boxing, a British title
and a place on the England boxing team followed. Her success and
perseverance has helped her to improve the profile and
opportunities for female athletes, a story she has told to over a
million school children in her role as a senior mentor at the Youth
Sports Trust for over 10 years.

She experienced positively transitioning from an eating disorder,
something which sport guided her through. Her enviable and rare
offering place her in the perfect position to speak to a vast range of
delegates from whole school assemblies, through to mid, senior
and C-Suite executives.

Rachael practices what she preaches as a Workathlete, juggling
many roles including Crossfit coaching, Neurological
physiotherapy, being a mum to two energetic twins and just
recently, an owner of a puppy!

“Rachael Mackenzie is an inspirational, energetic,
knowledgeable speaker. She possesses immense knowledge, but
puts it across with humour and charisma.”

The challenge.

From all aspects of work and life; including communication, nutrition, activity and performance planning, it was clear that there was a lot the working world could learn from the sporting sphere, but the crucial aspect would be to deliver modules in a way which workers would welcome, engage with and apply to their lives.

The modules and models were created to inspire, educate and aid workers in a range of performance areas.